Why collaborate with us?

When we organise events for mums and babies/toddlers and expectant mothers, we use this as a platform to promote our collaborators’ products.

We are very careful to only collaborate with companies whose ethos is in line with our own and whose products we believe in.

The benefits of collaborating with us include:

  • Promoting each other on social media, expanding your social reach through our promotion on our social media (over 8.5k reach with FB & Instagram combined)
  • Heighten your advertising via our new 3 brand ambassadors who spread posts further and wider
  • Get a permanent link to your site/socials added in our collaborators section of this website
  • Reach your specific target market, such as new mums and babies/toddlers
  • We run competitions for our collaborators, asking mums to follow & like their page to be in with a chance of winning an item they have donated.
  • Gain brand awareness through our promotion both at events and online

The most common way collaborators choose to work with us though is by providing some samples or products for the goody bags at our events.

However many collaborators also choose to offer one-off prizes for us to advertise on social media to expand brand awareness.

At the moment we host events for up to 50 mums. When the mums use the products they then often become paying customers to the donating company. It’s a great way to begin to grow a business!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to work together.

 How else can you work with us?

As an ever growing community with a target audience of mums, expectant parents and families we offer some great packages for sponsorship and social media, to help you get your brand out there.

Depending on your budget we have an option for you.